Javed Iqbal & Ors v. State (2016 SCMR 787)

Evidence that relies on vague, general allegations with material contradictions and that appears to be aimed at exculpating the police of wrongdoing is insufficient to support a conviction.

Haleem v. State (2017 SCMR 709)

Delay in filing an FIR and inconsistencies in witness testimony may create reasonable doubt.

Abdul Jabbar v. State (2017 SCMR 1155)

In a case involving unreliable evidence, such as an FIR that was completed after a delay and uncorroborated statements made by eyewitnesses, a court may not uphold a death sentence.

Hashim Qasim v. State; Jehangir Elahi v. Shoaib Ahmed (2017 SCMR 986)

In order for a court to rely on circumstantial evidence in cases involving capital punishment, such evidence must be so interlinked that it constitutes a single unbroken chain and be beyond reproach.

Muhammad Ismail v. State (2017 SCMR 898)

A judicial confession submitted by the accused cannot be used to uphold a conviction, where such confession was retracted during trial and there is no independent evidence corroborating it.