Identification parade

Ghulam Jan v. State (2010 SCMR 1189)

Significant delay between a crime and an identification parade can discredit any identification made.

Gulfam v. State (2017 SCMR 1189)

In-court identification is unsafe, particularly when the witness is examined after many other prosecution witnesses and has had opportunity to see the accused in the dock.

Ziaullah v. State (2008 SCMR 1210)

An identification parade is unsafe if it is conducted with unexplained delay, it is a joint parade for multiple accused, and the witness does not identify the accused with respect to a specific role.

Shafqat Mehmood v. State (2011 SCMR 537)

Joint identification parades for multiple accused and parades held after the witness has already seen the accused are unlawful, and render a subsequent in court identification without value.

Javed Khan vs. State (2017 SCMR 524)

an identification parade is required (and in-court identification is insufficient) whenever a witness saw the culprit only fleetingly, and such parade is unsafe if the accused was shown to the witness before the procedure began and if the Magistrate did not certify that others in the parade were of similar appearance.