Lack of premeditation

Sardar Muhammad v. Athar Zahoor (2017 SCMR 1668)

When the accused fires only a single shot in a sudden occurrence crime, life imprisonment is an appropriate sentence.

Muhammad Asif v. Muhammad Akhtar (2016 SCMR 2035)

When an offence arises out of an occurrence taking place at the spur of the moment without any premeditation, a death sentence is not justified.

Zafar Iqbal alias Zafarullah Khan v State (2017 SCMR 1721)

The death penalty should not be awarded where there is a lack of premeditation and motive is unproven. The Supreme Court considers a single shot fired as evidence of lack of premeditation.

Muhammad Sharif v. The State (PLD 2009 SC 709)

The death penalty should not be awarded where the accused lacked premeditation and provocation was established

Abdul Haque v. State (PLD 1996 SC 1)

Grave and sudden provocation may be a mitigating factor despite it not being available as a plea under the law. In establishing provocation, specific cultural practices/traditions may be considered.