Mitigating factor

Ghulam Mohy-Ud-Din alias Haji Babu v. State (2014 SCMR 1034)

A single mitigating circumstance or a single factor creating reasonable doubt is enough to reduce the sentence of death to life imprisonment.

Hassan and others v. State (PLD 2013 SC 793)

If an accused is imprisoned for a period equal to or longer than the period of life imprisonment while waiting to exhaust their legal remedies, then the expectancy of life can lead to reduction of sentence from death to life imprisonment.

Muhammad Sharif v. State (PLD 2009 SC 709)

The infliction of the death penalty is justified only when the murder is committed in an extremely brutal, grotesque, diabolical, revolting, or dastardly manner, after consideration of any extenuating or mitigating circumstances.

Mst. Safina Bano and others vs. Home Department and others, C.R.P.420/2016

Those with mental illness who are unable to comprehend the rationale and reason for their punishment cannot be sentenced to death.

Azeem Khan v Mujahid Khan (2016 SC MR 274)

The heinous nature of a crime does not affect a court’s right to appraise all evidence and to extend the accused the benefit of the doubt.